1. Rapid Assessment of the Mid Day Meal Scheme in Poor Performing Districts of Bihar
Proposal submitted to: Department of Education, Bihar State under the Mid Day Meal Scheme Society, Govt. of Bihar
Research Team: D M Diwakar and Abhijit Ghosh

2. Evaluation of Horticulture Schemes of Bihar Rajya Bagvani Mission 2013-14
Proposal submitted to: Dept of Agriculture, Govt of Bihar
Research Team: D M Diwakar and Vidyarthi Vikas

3. Ethnographic Study of Mali Caste in Bihar
Proposal Submitted to: D M Diwakar, Neetu Choudhary and Ajit Kumar Hansda
Researcher: B N Prasad

4. Farm Size and Productivity: A Study Based on Selected Farms in Bihar
Proposal submitted to: Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) New Delhi.
Researcher: Vidyarthi Vikas

5. Socio-Economic Status of women in Minority Communities
Proposal submitted to: Ministry of Minority Affairs, New Delhi
Researcher: Anuja

6. Assessment of Facilities available for Primary and Upper Primary Education in Muslim Pre-dominant Areas
Researcher: S. M. Anwar Yousuf
About the Research:
The districts with high concentration of Muslim population were indentified for providing additional inputs for Muslim children. As Muslim, by and large, are considered educationally backward, hence, it was felt a need to conduct a separate study in Muslim concentrated districts to find out the present status of primary and upper primary education among Muslims in these districts. This is a Government of India sponsored project. The study will be conducted in two States i.e., Bihar and Jharkhand.

7. Biomedical Waste- An Environmental Threat in Bihar
Proposal submitted to: Department of Health Research, Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt of India
Researcher: Awadhesh Kumar

8. The study of Public Distribution System in Bihar: A Success or Failure
Proposal submitted to: The ICSSR, New Delhi-110067

Researche: D M Diwakar and Sri Awadhesh Kumar

D M Diwakar
Developing Centre for Democratic Governance and Planning
Centre for Disaster Management
Centre for Agriculture and Labour Relations
Course on Research Methods and Computer Applications in Social Sciences
Launching Pre Ph D Course/ Ph. D. Programme
Organising Seminars, Workshops, Memorial Lectures, and Annual Conference of Indian Association of Social Science Institutes during March 07-08, 2014

Ajay Kumar Jha
Monitoring of SSA and MDM Programme 18 districts of Bihar, sponsored by Govt. of India.

S M A Yousuf
Nodal Agency for Consumer Club—Ministry of Consumer Affairs food & public Distribution, Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, through Khadya Avam Upbhokta Sanrakshan Wibhag, Government of Bihar, Patna.

Ajit hansda
Participation of Tribal Community in Panchaytiraj System: A Case Study of Scheduled Tribe in Bihar

Socio-Economic Status of Women in Minority Communities