Bihari identity: An Uncharted Question

About the project

The project aims to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of Bihari identity by looking into the different social sciences sources and empirical material on Bihari identity and as it has been explicated in the last 100 years or so. Questions such as: 'what is the regional identity of Bihari people' and 'how is it constituted' have remained unasked and barring a few Bihar based economists, psychologists in particular have hardly addressed to such concerns. Regional consciousness in the Bihari people expressed in terms of their passion, loyalty and fondness for their regional group. It aims to examine the impact of others' perception on identity construction and representation of a regional group by others and like to ask whether Bihari identity is a subset of Indian identity and whether the two identities are likely to complement (or do not complement) each other. It would bring to notice the positions taken in the area of identity construction and regional identity of groups in social sciences literature particularly for the articulation of the concept of Bihari identity, and to integrate the empirical findings related to identity from the author's recent ICSSR report on 'Bihari migrants' with national and regional identities in order to advance the theoretical understanding of how regional identity is a historically evolved entity that is embedded in the larger identity-frame.