Dr. Anuja
Assistant Professor, Sociology & Social Anthropology Division

Dr. Anuja has done her M.A., M.Phil. and Ph. D from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Earlier she was associated with University of Delhi as an Assistant Professor in Sociology from 2008-2010. She has been awarded UGC Fellowship from 2006-2009. She has more than nine years of research and investigation experience in relation to status of women. Her interest lies in gender disparity and disparities across groups who may be vulnerable due to factors such as poverty, gender etc. Her areas of specialisation include the sociology of gender, urban sociology, and tourism both in national and international perspectives as well as international relations specialisation with South- East Asia and South-West Pacific Studies. She has worked on a number of research projects supported by international as well as national research organisations like ICRW, Google Foundation, Pratham, UNFPA in India. Currently she is engaged in research areas on gender and health, gender and disability, gender and human rights violation at ANSISS.
E-mail: anujaansiss@yahoo.com