Dalit Assertion and Emerging Rural Social Formation in Uttar Pradesh

About the project

Aim of the study is to explore and analyse socio-economic changes among dalit community and its resultant impact on traditional rural structure. There is differential mobility among dalit sub-castes, which has discordant impact on rural structure; in terms of domination, interaction, socio-economic and political participation by dalit sub-castes. Inter and intra-interaction pattern between dalit and non-dalit; and within dalit sub-castes will also be analysed. The objectives of the study are to indentify major infrastructural facilities, to assess degree of accessibility and change among dalits, to analyse major socio-political parameters, to identify major economic parameters, to analyse determinants of socio-economic change, to assess intra-dalit variation in terms of socio-economic status and mode of social interaction between dalit and non-dalit, and within dalits themselves. This study also intends to review policies and programmes, its implementation and delivery and to examine emerging rural socio-economic and political structures, and to suggest short term and long term measures.