India and Her Neighbours: An Initiative to Identify Opportunities and Outline Pathways for Expanding Bilateral, Sub-Regional and Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Perspective from Bihar and Nepal

About the project

This proposal focuses on activities to expand regional economic cooperation in South Asia. While the proposal is centred on the role of India – as the largest economy in the region and one which shares a border with most SAARC countries – the activities will extend to other countries in the region. The project adopts two pronged approach - one, focused on enlarging the agenda for regional economic cooperation in South Asia and mobilizing a larger number of stakeholders in support of the agenda and two, creating supportive policies and capacity at national and regional leadership levels. Specifically, the project aims to conduct the background research followed by a brainstorming session, along following dimensions: i) Assessment of the current state of trade and economic exchange between Bihar and Nepal and barriers therein; ii) Identification of informal and unaccounted trade, commerce and other forms of transactions and related linkages between Bihar and Nepal, and iii) Assessment of the scope of expansion of economic cooperation between Bihar and Nepal, in light of current state of affairs.