7. Special Lecture on "Resources and Vulnerability across the Life Course" by Dario Spini, Psychologist and Professor at Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland organized by ANSISS, on 17th January, 2014 at Seminar Hall, ANSISS, Patna

The Institute organized a guest lecture on January 17, 2014 by Prof. Dario Spini, Professor of Psychology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland on the theme 'Vulnerability Vs. Resources'. He focused on how Vulnerability comes, its dynamics and why it is important to study this with multi-disciplinary approach and situation of lack of resources.


He explained how life courses changes in the world due to change in society, wars and economic events etc. How do people deal with changing world? Synonyms as it may be with lengthening of the life span and increase in material comfort, the development of post-industrial society is also source of new hazards restricting the self-fulfilment of many people. Confronted with change in family, religious identities made insecure by the major shifts of economic activity in a globalised world, there are many who feel or who actually find themselves in a situation of vulnerability. In the course of their lives many people are exposed to crisis situation, either because they lack Key resources or because their living conditions deteriorate drastically. These process cause human suffering and social exclusion, and they come with considerable financial costs.
Prof. D M Diwakar, Director said that material condition and mental status decide the consciousness of individuals status in society. This also decides normative perspective which is very subjective to time and space. There is a need to relate vulnerability not only in terms of institution but also with the market. Prof. B N Prasad, ANSISS welcomed the guest and also proposed vote of thanks. Prof Jyoti Verma, retired Psychology Professor, PU and ICSSR Senior fellow at ANSISS gave brief introduction of Dr. Spini