6. Special Lecture on "Integrated of Water Management in North Bihar Kosi Basin" by Prof. Manas Bihari Verma, Chairman, National Institute of Technology, Patna organized by ANSISS, on 3rd February, 2014 at ANSISS, Patna

The Institute organised the above lecture by Prof. Manas Bihari Verma, eminent scientist of international repute and presently Chairman, National Institute of Technology, Patna. Prof. Verma emphasised that water is the only asset left to Bihar apart from Human Resources. The missing link is the integrated approach to solve social problems in our development thinking.


Despite huge allocation of public resources, the targets of overall development of society are not achieved. Bihar lying at the confluence of Ghagra, Gandak and Kosi, and specific topography that it has, aggravates water related issues especially the hydro-dynamics imbalance that forces rivers to change their course. The policy makers have failed to trap the issues at heart like sedimentation, erosion of homestead and arable lands. The ineffective engineering, bridge designing are the issues at hand to be tackled. Holistic River models which encompasses the nature of river and the development needs perhaps will solve the issues related to water management.
The lecture started with the introduction by Prof. B. N Prasad, ANSISS. Human intervention without adequate thought leads to misery was the underlining spirit of the talk. Prof. D.M. Diwakar, Director, ANSISS chaired the lecture. The talk was enriched by active participation of Faculty of ANSISS and ICSSR Doctoral Fellows.