Tracking of Children of Age Group 0-14 Years under SSA, BEPC, Patna

About the project

There is a mismatch between the Census and BEPC household survey data of children. Reliability of information is required for any programme implementation and intervention. The main purpose of this research study is to check the data and find out the missing children. However the specific objectives of the study are: track the children of 0-14 years, to know the status of enrolment in different schools and special training centres, to know the status of dropout children, migratory children and CWSN etc. and to assess the situation of duplication in enrolment. For this study, both secondary and primary data will be obtained. Multi-stage random sampling will be followed and 8 panchayats and 4 urban wards from four districts of different divisions will be selected covering the maximum geographical area. The project is expected to complete by April, 2014.