3. Special Lecture on "Science Policy and Kosi Basin Management: a contested nexus" by Tira Foran, Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization organized by ANSISS, on 12 December, 2014 at Seminar Hall, ANSISS, Patna

Dr. Tira Foran delivered lecture on the nexus between science policy and river basin management especially the role of modelling in improving mutual understanding, trade and forms of cooperation. Dr. Foran particularly dealt with the potential of modelling in influencing trans-boundary water relation between India and Nepal situated in his research covering the river regions of the two countries. Dr. Foran discussed some of the preliminary findings of his research that included interaction and interviews with public servants, academicians and non government organizations in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. He shared development challenges that emerged out of those interactions, as also opportunities for development, in terms of hydal power, agricultural productivity, infrastructure, disaster management and so on.
The lecture invited many observations and comments for discussion that underscored the challenges of accommodating social structure and cultural factors in modelling. It was also emphasized that there is a need to strike synthesis between macro modelling and ground circumstances. There was an added emphasis on the need to consider type of development discourse and politics, while researching river basin management in general and in context of a sensitive region like Kosi basin.