2. Land Reforms Administrative Training Programme 2014-15 Organized by A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies at ANSISS, 7 January, 2015

A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna in collaboration with Department of Revenue and Land reforms, Government of Bihar and Land Reforms Core Committee is organizing a series of training programme on "Bihar Land Reforms Acts , Rules and Circulars for Government Officials (ACs, DCLRs and COs)" of the state of Bihar. We successfully completed the six batches of DCLRs and COs training programme with the hope that knowledge and sensitivity will help to finish the unfinished land reforms agenda which is very important for any agriculture based economy. The Seventh training programme for Circle Officers (COs), Inaugural function was graced by Shri Narendra Yadav, Minister of Revenue and Land reforms, Prof. K B Saxena, Council for Social Development, New Delhi, Shri Shankar Prasad, retired Additional Secretary Revenue Department, Shri Rameshwar Prasad, former MP , Shri Vyas ji, Principal Secretary, Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Government of Bihar, Shri Subhmurti ji, Member, Land Reforms Core Committee, Prof. D M Diwakar, Director ANSISS. Prof. K B Saxena, stressed that land provides the most stable economic security to the people in agriculture based economies. Thus, there is a need to protect this essential need of the people which empower them with dignity and respect. The advent of technology has engraved the issue of land reforms and has made it market oriented. The stratification of society into "haves" and "have not's" has made this problem more grave and is also a stumbling block in the implementation of reforms This makes it even more important to have a comprehensive law on land reforms and simplification of present laws. An independent body should be formed solely responsible for the management and monitoring of government land. Sri Vyasji, Principal Secretary, Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, appealed to officials to use knowledge and sensitivity simultaneously to reach out to common people and understand and resolve their issues regarding land reforms. Prof D M Diwakar, ANSISS, Director, appreciated this experiment of establishing synergy among Government, Civil society, Researchers, academician and social activist to fight for justice through working for land reforms agenda in his welcome address. Solidarity in Society and willingness of government can bring the desired result. Shri Rameshwar Prasad, social activist, stressed that the issue of land is invariably related to the democratic rights of the people. The function was preceded by training coordinator Vidyarthi Vikas, Assistant Professor, ANSISS and Vote of thanks was given by ShriVinod Kumar Jha, Revenue of Land Reforms, Government of Bihar.