1. Special Lecture on "Samaj aur Sahitya" by Khagendra Thakur, Author and Literary Critica, organized by ANSISS, on 6 February, 2015 at Seminar Hall, ANSISS, Patna

A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna and Sambhav jointly organized a seminar on the theme "Samaj aur Sahitya" on February 6, 2015 at ANSISS. The chief lecture was delivered by Prof. Khagendra Thakur, author and literature critic. Dr. Subhash Sharma, academician and bureaucrat presented the background of seminar. He mentioned that seminar on literature and critical debates are catalysts in shaping the society as well society needs sahitya as a mirror.
Prof. Khagendra Thakur in his lecture focused on Samaj aur sahitya and explained how they are complementary and crucial for each other. We cannot imagine literature without society. Poetry, literary pieces and creative writings reflects society, emotions and human expression; how these dimensions are depicted in the literature is mirror of society. Literature has travelled from Ramayan period to Kalidas and different incidences reflects character of society which is well canvassed in the different genres under Hindi sahitya. Sahitya narrates changes in society and further stimulates to proceed in different direction. He expressed that the writings of Nagarjun, Dinkar and Nirala are well versed to portray real picture of human life of twentieth century.
The lecture was followed by brain storming discussion .The lecture was attended by dignitaries like Padm shree Prof. Usha kiran Khan, litterateur of Hindi and Maithili, Ramchandra Khan, social thinker, Shri Anand kumar Singh, Sambhav, Prof. D M Diwakar, Director, ANSISS, and people from literary society and social scientists from city. Faculty and ICSSR Doctoral fellows of ANSISS participated in the discussion. Prof. B N Prasad, Registrar, ANSISS coordinated and anchored the function.